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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Pharmacists save lives!

Link to Abstract

To those who say that only doctors and nurses save lives. There's a new teammate to share the glory with. Now, to any of us who have spent just 15 seconds in the ICU, this is NOT news. But it is always nice to be recognized, right? It is a little shady that all the authors are pharmacists, but we will excuse that because we all know the findings are true.
What have we learned from this article?
1. No matter how they juggled the data, pharmacists decrease mortality
2. Patients stay in the ICU for a shorter period of time because of pharmacists
3. This one is a no-brainer because it basically reflects that pharmacists are doing their job but they decreased both preventable and non-preventable adverse drug events.
So how about a little hip-hip-horray for our pharmacy colleagues? Tag your favorite ICU pharmacist. Much love to all.
A hat tip to the authors!