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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Journal Club-ish: An Introduction

As part of my job, I read A LOT. I read articles that are great and articles that aren't so great. I intend to create a regular journal club that is piggy-backed on the work of Rob MacSweeney who sends out a weekly email including the best posts of the week from What I am doing is just taking the most clinically relevant studies that he sends out, digesting and sharing them with you on this format.

I also have subscriptions to Critical Care Medicine by SCCM, Chest, and a couple other open access journals that put out some quality stuff. I'm definitely NOT a researcher so I like to show off the prowess of better-than-me clinicians/researchers.

There's nothing better than some healthy academic discussions. Hopefully this will serve as a format for that. The first couple versions will be things that I have already sent out to the ARNP's and various RN's at my shop. Hopefully you'll benefit from this, too!

PS: sorry I can't post the full versions but I don't want to get dinged by the copyright folks.