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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hyperchloremic Metabolic Acidosis and Acute Kidney Injury

Hyperchloremia and moderate increase in serum chloride are associated with acute kidney injury in severe sepsis and septic shock patients

A lot of the research I do on my own time to be a better doctor includes the simple basics of critical care. I don’t delve too much into the esoteric things bc it doesn’t impact as many lives as what I do on a DAILY basis. That’s the reason why I’m obsessed with fluids and sharing what I’ve learned along the way leading to how my practice has changed. Keep in mind that even LR could lead to an increase in the serum Cl (nl 98-109 and LR has 109mmol/L). I have made a video on YouTube describing the different fluids side by side that I made when I was a fellow. Since then, I have made individual videos covering NS, LR, and Plasma-Lyte. I really hope that some of you are benefitting from these posts. I appreciate the feedback I’ve received. Hat tip to the authors.


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