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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Diuretic treatment in high‐risk acute decompensation of advanced chronic heart failure—bolus intermittent vs. continuous infusion of furosemide: a randomized controlled trial

Link to Abstract

As a critical care doc, a good chunk of the consults I receive for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure are from pulmonary edema. So I do my thing, intubate when necessary, and place these patients on a BiPAP setting that’s comfortable for them. Airway, check! Now it’s time to diurese them to a potato chip. I know there are suggested dosing that you may find in the literature, and the fact the IV vs. PO dosing of #furosemide is different. Clinical practice is always an art, though, as using an exact flow every time can get your patient into trouble. Prior studies as to whether to give #lasix as a bolus or a drop were negative studies, but this one favored providing drip. The bolus arm used q12 dosing which raises my eyebrows, though, as I usually use q8 dosing in my practice. @codyperrigo and I used a drip on a pt the day after this study came out with some phenomenal results! That’s empiric data and is worthless, though 😉. Anyway, a big 🎩 tip to the authors.