Thursday, February 6, 2020

Nutrition in Critical Illness

I’m writing a lecture on Nutrition for the ICU patient population. It’s been quite tough to find substantial data because of the many nuances and the vast heterogeneity of the patient population. That being said, this review article came out a few days ago and it provides a guide of sorts to provide our patients with nutrition during their different phases in the ICU. My understanding is that the ASPEN group shall be meeting towards the end of March. I am looking forward to whatever guidance they can provide so I can better care for my patients.

Fortunately this article is free! A hat tip for the authors.

Lambell, K.J., Tatucu-Babet, O.A., Chapple, L. et al. Nutrition therapy in critical illness: a review of the literature for clinicians. Crit Care 24, 35 (2020).

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