Saturday, September 28, 2019

Diabetic Ketoacidosis: PlasmaLyte vs. 0.9% Sodium Chloride for Resuscitation

Can we start looking at our diabetic ketoacidosis protocols and changing them? This study from 2012 is admittedly small, retrospective, and leaves a lot to be desired. But their findings are significant in my opinion. Usually studies need large sample sizes to prove their endpoints. Here, the endpoints were proved (within their methodology) with this small sample size. The article is not free and I bet that more people would benefit from the knowledge one could gain from it if it wasn't hidden behind the paywall. Grrrrrrr. Here are the benefits of using plasmalyte over saline.
1. the mean arterial pressure was improved in the PL group p less than 0.05
2. there was improved urine output in the PL group in the first 4-6 hours p less than 0.05
3. the patients who received NS had higher potassium levels than the PL group between the 6-12 hour mark. Remember, PL has 5meq/L of K while NS has ZERO. Can we drop this hyperkalemia with LR and PL nonsense already?
They disclose the COST of plasma-lyte in Australia to be $1.94/L vs. $1.17/L of NS. It's not $30 a liter like I've heard in the past. This was in 2012.
Okay, this is a short one. I need to go. My wife wants us to enjoy our Saturday and for me to not be such a nerd reading articles.
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